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Had a fun time with Cathi & William this weekend. After I got off work on Friday we dragged him around Magic Kingdom. While at the same time Dainan was toting his friend Paul around Studios. William hadn’t been in MK since his early childhood so he didn’t remember much. I love being Tour Guide Barbie. We did a few of the awesome iconic rides, including Space Mountain of course. We got a spot in front of Cinderella’s Castle for Wishes… Yea I think he liked it, hehe.

Meanwhile I’m trying to connect with Dainan to meet up for the rest of the night because he said they were coming back to MK, we kept missing each other though.

After the fireworks we made it to the Haunted Mansion. I think William was impressed. Anyways we hit Peter Pan’s Flight because one of my GSMs gave us Re-Admission passes so we used them there because we weren’t going to do Big Thunder Mountain. We head back to Liberty Square, got cock-blocked by SpectroMagic, so they watched the parade together while I relaxed. Then we hit the Country Bear Jamboree, because all the men that turn me on turn me down. That was a hootin’ hollerin’ time!

Finally we hit Pirates, and I headed back to Space Mountain to my breakroom to get my work jacket. And wouldn’t ya know it Dainan & Paul were riding with Jackie, so we all rode again then I was able to finally introduce Dainan to Cathi, it was brief because we were going separate directions.

We were f’ing hungry and tired by this point, but the three of us make it to Alehouse, and while we’re seated BedRock plays: http://tinysong.com/eLNJ

Listen to the lyrics, it’s HILARIOUS:
“I Love Ya Sushi Rolls, Hotter Than Wasabi,
I Race For Your Love,
Shake And Bake Ricky Bobby,
I’m At The W, But I Can’t Meet You In The Lobby,”

Then Naturally plays:

I then explain that I really dig this music video because they use that effect of taping it at high speed then slowing it to normal pace so her mouth is synced with the music but her hair just flows around her sloooowly, it’s really cool. So now I associate that with this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_YR4dKArgo

So basically cracking ourselves up and enjoying each others’ company. I’m glad this happened because I haven’t spent much time with William, and he’s someone important in Cathi’s life now. And I really enjoyed it, Cathi was worried it was awkward… Hell no, I’m cool like that.

Then we crash at William’s place and we’re all so tired we’re punchy. I offered to turn off the lights, but when I clapped the lights didn’t turn off, but for some reason Cathi and William busted up laughing… the nerve. I tried again and with a CLAP CLAP the lights turned off! I needed to pee so I clapped again, William said “I’m not getting up to hit the switch this time.” Like he had anything to do with it… hehe