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Reba McEntire – If I Were a Boy

Fuck me with a spoon, I wish i’d heard about this song earlier. Her train on that dress, wow. Great cover of the Beyonce tune, and I rather prefer it to the original.

In two hours, I’ll be premiering my newest mixset for MusicMonday: Winter Fantasy 2011. Come back and check it out!


Cascada – San Francisco

I don’t know how I missed this song, but the Producer/Singer team of Cascada strikes gold again. Seriously such a big fan. This song is like a slap in the face to Katy Perry’s California Girls


Britney, Leave the Stage Alone!

This is just too funny. Chris Crocker is obviously backpedaling from the backlash of him badmouthing Britney Spears, when supporting her put him on the internet map.


Rift: Cinematic [Game Footage] Trailer

by Peleliu, Member of The Prismatic Order

My guildmate, Peleliu, created this wonderful video for RIFT, a high-fantasy MMO launching March 1st. Check it out!


Alina | When You Leave (Numa Numa) (Basshunter Remix)

This just comes off as cheesy. A self-styled “Super Hot Romanian” model singing the Numa Numa viral song, haha.


The Lonely Island | The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj)

This is some funny shit here. And a brilliant song. Check it out.