Reporters vs. STORM LEGION™


Guildmate: Do you think there’s Rule 34 of Rift?
Me: Probably, hope you like tentacles.
Guildmate: wah? Oh!


So proud of my Rift raid team, we got a few shard firsts tonight on the T2 Earth raid rifts because no one can figure out the content, but we totally hit it.


Hanging w/ my sexy #Rift friend @GayCurious surprising he’s still single 🙂 (Taken with Instagram at Moe’s Southwest Grill)


Loot Drops from Greenscale’s Blight: Is 2 Enough?


Aeshec – Untitled

A great time-lapse photo by my friend and Rift guildmate, Aeshec.


Rhazes on the official forum has taken it upon himself to contact GMs in regards to whether using keyboard macros (available with the Logitech G13, 110, 15, and 19 keyboards). And while the response may not be what every Bard was hoping for (especially the oldschool types), it’s nice to get a definitive response to whether using keyboard macros to cast Motifs is a ban-able offense.

For those looking for an official response read below. Its is as expected as long as your at your computer and able to respond to a GM your not botting. Using long looping macros might get you a tell from a GM but as long as your there its not botting. I will still be using my advanced macros because I’m always playing my computer when they are running. When farming I never look like a bot because I’m actually playing my character so the chances of me bing reported is slime to none. I’ve used a G15 in many MMO’s and have never been asked by a GM if I’m a bot.

My petition in game.

I need an offical confirmation if using a G15 is ok and running a looping macro for my motifs while im sitting at the computer playing the game.

Thank you for contacting us regarding Rift.

It is acceptable to use macros from gaming keyboards. If you start using macros which automate multiple actions, you run the risk of botting. If you are ever away from your keyboard and unable to respond the challenge of a GM investigating a botting report, your character may be banned. You are safest in not layering your macros with multiple actions.

If you have any additional questions or concerns then please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your continued support of Trion Worlds and for playing Rift. Your reference number for this question is 110221-000113


GM Nox
In-Game Support Sr.
Trion Worlds Inc.



Pre-ordered RIFT on Steam and got two nifty items for TF2