Tag: Real-Life Disney Princess


OK, we’re starting to think that Taylor Swift is actually some kind of real-life princess. Not only is she having tea parties with her pals all the time, but now she apparently paints butterflies on her face and hangs out with her cat, Meredith, near tiny furniture (or whatever that piece of wood is). Tay uploaded this adorable pic to her Facebook page yesterday with the caption, “Eye contact. Important,” and it seems like she’s using my old teenage trick — practicing having a boyfriend on your cat. More on that in my memoirs.

More evidence that Taylor Swift’s some kind of fairy-tale royalty: The girl’s got a heart of gold. Taylor recently donated $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, which is the second largest in the museum’s history. The next thing you know,bluebirds will be helping her wake up. Someone Instagram that, please.