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Meander – an off-the-cuff poem I wrote last night #poetry

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Melancholy moment
And I do not know why.

Disturbances, a storm
with invisible sky.

Here I meander while
Outside it’s dark & cold.

And now inside I search
for gentle peace to hold.


here is a piece from creative writing class, enjoy.

a mantle of sparkle I face,
the furry ground envelops me.
gentle waves of warmth I embrace,
just a honest moment to be.
a cup of radiant cocoa,
lulls me into a gentle sleep.
so I sit with no fret or woe,
in this precious moment I keep.
outside this place the world is white.
so I stay with the burning wood,
it is just that moment ever so slight,
that you should keep if you just could.

for whenever I think of what winter should be,
it would be in front of the fireplace with thee.


this is awesome!