One of my friends & guildmate, Sean-Z (@ratedzmyth) of Rated-Z studios is a brilliant artist. He is also the creator of the MYTH series, a homoerotic comic that is very entertaining. Check out his website, featuring quite a sample of his work.


This past weekend I had the chance to play in Closed Beta Test 1 of TERA, an upcoming MMORPG. This game has already been praised for it’s amazing combat and incredible visuals, but is that enough?

I love the visuals of TERA, and it runs smoothly. The controls are different from a traditional MMO, but that is to be expected.

I started with a Lancer, because I was interested in how tanking would work. Lancer just wasn’t my style, very slow and pedantic. I was originally going to play a Mystic, so I tried that. Love the Mystic’s playstyle. The orbs, the pets, and the auras are all fun to balance and manage.

The combat is fun and frenetic. You have to intensely watch what your monster is doing to react to avoid and cause damage as appropriate. This True Action Combat system really does emphasize player skill over player hotkeys.

The questing is bland, but there is plenty of it. There is definitely a themepark treadmill going on here, but the plethora of kill and gather quests make the quest system quite uninteresting.

There are alternative currencies in the game, one for guilds and another for the NPC faction Valkyon Federation. To obtain these, you have Suppression Quests where you farm a certain mob for a semi-rare drop. I love alt currencies to obtain different loot, so I soon found myself grinding through the mobs instead of questing. Which in the end, I find ironic.

Itemization is somewhat interesting. You have to unlock enhancements in your gear by breaking down items in the same slot. This is an effective way to clear bags.

Crafting is where the game really falls flat for me. The gathering I like, but the sheer amount of money you have to throw into it to create items seems an incredibly unbalanced money-sink. To complete the level 10 starter quest the cost in gold is somewhere around 5x what you’ve collected in normal questing. It’s outrageous and huge block to the crafting system. And that is what really kills the game for me.

So the game loses most of it’s marks with me for the insanity of the crafting system, and the questing blandness impacts it some too.

RATING: 3.5/5


The Prismatic Order is a somewhat large meta-guild (200+ members), with currently three main chapters: Rift, SWTOR, and League of Legends.


We have a wide range of players. In Rift, we are raiding in the second tier and have players in highest level of PvP gear. In SWTOR, we have a lot of PvE and PvP players, and are excited to begin Operation progression this upcoming month.

We are not a raiding or endgame guild however, but a casual social guild with players that are interested in raiding. So we’re looking for all sorts of playstyles in all ranges of playtimes.

The following is from our Guild Charter, as stated on http://theprismaticorder.com/info

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Prismatic Order is a GLBTQ-friendly meta-guild. We are a gay/lesbian/bi/transgender guild; however, we will support anyone who is friendly and wishes to join. We do require that potential and current members be 18+; this is not only to protect you, but the guild as a whole. We have a few rules that you must follow in joining the guild.

Founding Principles

  • Community – The Prismatic Order strives to create a safe and welcoming community for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) people and those who respect diversity and wish to be a part of it.
  • Diversity – We are inclusive of all types of people, character classes, levels, and game play styles.
  • Happiness – Players have an absolute right to enjoy the game in the way they see fit. Games are meant to be fun. This is limited to infringing upon the comfort level of other members.
  • Openness – The guild leadership exists to serve the guild community. The leadership should act in the best interest of the guild and honor the interests and desires of the individual players.

General Conduct

While each player has a right to express ones opinion, be respectful of those around you and understand that the guild chat is read by a diverse group of people. If asked to discontinue a sensitive subject in the guild channel, move the subject to tells or a player created channel. Please respect others rights to enjoy the game and the guild we play in; don’t subject those in guild chat to lengthy complaints – the forums are a better venue to express opinions or disagreements in a RESPECTFUL and non-inflammatory manner.

Member will not use guild chat as a forum to defame another guild or another player. All members, regardless of rank, should follow the guidelines of the game EULA and the Guild Charter. When requesting assistance please be mindful of each others time and resources. Our guild members are generous and helpful but if you want help, help alike.