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JoJo – Disaster (It’s the DJ Kue Remix) ♫

Always been a fan of this song, so glad to hear a great remix of it. Props to DJ Kue! Enjoy your MusicMonday!


JoJo – Disaster

I’m just waiting for an awesome remix of this song to appear, it’s got some potential.

In seven hours, I’ll be premiering my newest mixset for MusicMonday: Winter Fantasy 2011. Come back and check it out!


Following up on the teen-pop star JoJo, here’s her new single Disaster, it’s not a bubblegum pop song, but it shows promise. I wonder if any great remix will be produced from it.

Enjoy your MusicMonday!


Grenade by Bruno MarsJoJo Cover

When they churn out these pop princesses, you assume it’s all audio wizardry that makes the voices shine. That why it’s smart, and refreshing, to get in front of a mic and show your true unvarnished voice for what it is. JoJo is a very decent singer, and you can see that passion she’s trying to evoke. This is opened my eyes to her talent. I do enjoy her singles, but this adds a sparkle to them I hadn’t seen before. Good job.

Happy MusicMonday!