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Comic book writer throws shade at Avengers: Age of Ultron

Admittedly, it’s not a surprise he can’t defend ‘Fantastic Four’ that well, but then Mark Millar decides to drag the Avengers into it. Comic book Mark Millar throws shade at Avengers 2 in defense of how Fantastic Four amazingly tanked. IGN interviewed Millar recently. One question asked was about the viability of Fantastic Four as a movie franchise: These things can… Read more →


Now that’s what I’m talking about


Just got home from seeing the Avengers. So now I have a fanboy to-do list:

  1. Post pics of Chris Evans’ ass.
  2. Re-skin my Chrome, desktop, and iPhone wallpaper to Avengers.
  3. Post more pics of Chris Evans’ ass.
  4. Listen to the soundtrack of the Avengers.
  5. Post even more pics of Chris Evans’ ass.
  6. Lock my bedroom door and have a pleasant afternoon.

And that’s my review of the movie.