The Slow Death of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Even in the darkest days of the post-9/11 tourism slump, when Disney shuttered several hotels and slashed staffing to the bone, the parks’ major attractions kept operating in order to preserve perceived value. Today, with one-day adult passes priced at $103 after tax, the park formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios has had its attraction lineup decimated, leaving it with barely… Read more →

Nae Nae

Just a couple of days ago, Nikki Taylor, who’s currently eight months pregnant, shared a video on Facebook that took the Internet by storm. Despite being heavily pregnant, she put on quite a performance together with her six-year-old daughter Jaylyn. And they captured it all on film. The two dance to Silento’s “Watch Me” and there’s just so much sass going on.

she kills me, im winded.. but this is as good as it gets lmao

Posted by Nikki Taylor on Friday, June 26, 2015

Source: Watch This 6-Year-Old And Her Heavily Pregnant Mommy Absolutely Nail Their Dance Routine

Gay Days 2015

We had a magical time on the first Saturday of June. From 9a to midnight, we ate, drank, and walked around Magic Kingdom and Star Wars Weekends. Here are some highlights of the day.

Apple Watch, my one week review

I spent several months musing over purchasing an Apple Watch. I read reviews by journalists from a broad range of views on Apple. I lurked the Apple Watch subreddit. Even though I am a surefire fanboy for Apple, I needed to allay my concerns about this device before purchasing it. I found the consensus to be that the device is… Read more →

Appealing to Gay Audiences Is Great, Hollywood Reporter, but Can We Lay Off the Word “Stromo?”

[Thursday], on The Hollywood Reporter’s website, there’s an article with the charming headline, “Introducing the Stromo! Why Straight Male Stars are Going Gay(ish).” My feelings about this … conflicted, they are. I completely agree with the author, Teresa Jusino, the label brings a demeaning connotation. It is about the brands and artists expanding their appeal, not lowering themselves to our… Read more →

It’s official: Secret Warriors are coming to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  When the super series returns for its third season, we’ll meet a number of new characters (both friend and foe) inspired by the Secret Warriors comic series—which told the story of a group of super-powered agents working with Nick Fury. Who isn’t excited about this? I am not familiar with this storyline, so now I have a goal on what… Read more →

Disney Theme Parks to completely ban selfie-sticks

Disney wrote their cast members, informing them about the new policy: “We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast. The use of selfie-sticks also compromises our ability to deliver on The Four Keys Basics: Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency.” Finally. This… Read more →