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My blogging challenge for 2015: write 140 words or more each day. Let’s do this!

Lollipop’s Roller Disco Armageddon

Roller Disco Armageddon

Happy MusicMonday! Today I have a somewhat retro mixset that you should hear. Coming from DJ Lollipop are these amazing tracks from 1978-79. It is a blast from the past! Download here.

Track List

  • Hub Axle Roller Rink Intro
  • Tuxedo Junction – Chattanooga Choo Choo
  • Bryan Adams – Let Me Take You Dancing
  • Peaches & Herb – Roller-Skatin’ Mate
  • Isaac Hayes – Don’t Let Go
  • Lipps Inc. – Rock It
  • Cheryl Lynn – Star Love
  • Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood
  • Leon Haywood – Don’t Push It Don’t Force It
  • The Brothers Johnson – Stomp
  • The Spinners – Working My Way Back To You
  • Dan Hartman – Vertigo
  • Dan Hartman ft Loleatta Holloway – Relight My Fire
  • Debbie Jacobs – High On Your Love
  • Deniece Williams – I’ve Got the Next Dance
  • Don Ray – Got To Have Love
  • Bonnie Pointer – I Can’t Help Myself
  • Bonnie Pointer – Heaven Must Have Sent You
  • Voyage – From East To West
  • Michael Jackson – Working Day And Night
  • Debbie Jacobs – Hot Hot (Give It All You Got)
  • Front Page ft Sharon Redd – Love Insurance
  • La Flavour – Mandolay
  • Evelyn Champagne King – Shame
  • The Isley Brothers – It’s A Disco Night
  • Edwin Starr – H.A.P.P.Y. Radio
  • Kat Mandu – The Break
  • Freddie James – Get Up And Boogie\
  • Uncle Louie – Full Tilt Boogie

Day 11: Last Saturday Night

One of the great aspects of living in Orlando is the geek culture is much more prominent than my former home of Indiana. One of the coolest parts of that is the emergence of geek bars. To celebrate Cubbie’s new job, we decided to check one out. Near to my UCF campus is a new place called the Cloak and Blaster. Unlike most other Orlando geek spots, there is heavy focus on board games over video games.

The Cloak and Blaster

I expected a small place, dark, cramped, and crowded. Maybe it’s my expectation with geek culture to forego the civilities of adult life, or the billing as a tavern, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a spacious two-story restaurant with white walls and fanciful coverings. They didn’t go for a dark brooding atmosphere or shit-on-the-walls closed-in feel. There are various pieces of geekery up on the walls, but it is very open.

The staff was extremely friendly. The hostess took our name and explained it would take time for a table because people tend to linger and play. She suggested going to the bar or upstairs to the video game lounge for drinks and food. We decided to head upstairs, and wouldn’t you know I ran into people I knew. Guess I had been missing a gem.

Upstairs wasn’t as spacious, but definitely a lounge feel, we grabbed a couch and started to play Super Smash Bros, which I absolutely hate. My friends like it, so I let them play after I got pummeled multiple times. Looking around, I saw there were clusters of Cards Against Humanity and some other video gaming going on. Our server approached us and when we said we were good for now, he cut us off before we said we just wanted a table and said we had to pay to use the console or start a tab. That was probably the only bad experience, that he immediately sized us up as punks and tried to shut it down. Whatever, we bought a round. They had a few ciders on tap, and that was good for us.

What impressed me was the hostess came to personally find us and help resolve getting our upstairs tab resolved before getting our table setup. Our server was awesome and when we said we’d be open to suggestions on food, she got excited to share her ideas on what to eat. She explained that we could totally grab a game if we wanted and play. So we grabbed Splendor, a great strategy, resource building game. While we played that, so many of the staff stopped to comment on how much they loved the game. I thought that was great. We played my copy of Red Dragon Inn and by then we had been there almost four hours. We drank and ate and played games together. It was a blast.

If I had to criticize the place at all, I think having a more modern method of tracking your tab would really enhance the experience, as well as for seating. It gets really tough to grab a table if you have a large party during dinnertime. We were cramped for space at our small table, but the staff were crazy efficient on bussing the table though.

Jackbox Party Game

I love party games. I heard about the Jackbox Party Game through browsing the Playstation Store. The gimmick of using a smartphone as a controller caught my eye. After the adventure at the Cloak and Blaster, we decided to try it out. There was trivia, drawing, lies. It was really fun, I would love to have an eight player game sometime.

Day 8: LOL, Grindr

You find truths in the strangest places. I am on the subreddit r/lolgrindr for some schadenfreude fun and come across three posts from the same person, TheSouthernBelle and his encounters in revealing his naughty bits.


So much for slave >.>

Pump and dump

The real story is in the comments, TheSouthernBelle reveals he is very shy and conscious about his body, although he has a very large gift below the belt apparently. Every comments he will get a lot of private messages because of these posts, but I think this is a great commentary on the shallowness of the gay community. Someone can feel so isolated because of his body and yet so celebrated for a specific body part. I totally relate to this dude. I feel I need to use certain aspects of my body to earn respect in the community and I don’t know how I feel about that.

Day 6: Magic Kingdom

Had a really fun day hanging with my muscleboy, Hipstotter. We went to the Magic Kingdom and played some Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. I have such great friends!

Day 4: Colorful

Tonight, I want to drink cheap beer and be colorful. I texted this to a friend in an idle conversation yesterday. It was just that sort of day, a day of idleness. Since I am still on winter break, my life is frankly quite torpid in comparison to how busy I keep myself during the semester. My friend at the… Read more →

Day 3: Three Things

So my New Year’s Resolution is to do a Project 365. So every day this year I will do some thing(s). First, and easiest, is to post a photo on Instagram each day. The goal is to find art in everyday, but the only requirement is a photo a day. It will be tagged #project365 on Instagram. Second, is to… Read more →