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Apple Watch, my one week review

I spent several months musing over purchasing an Apple Watch. I read reviews by journalists from a broad range of views on Apple. I lurked the Apple Watch subreddit. Even though I am a surefire fanboy for Apple, I needed to allay my concerns about this device before purchasing it. I found the consensus to be that the device is… Read more →

Appealing to Gay Audiences Is Great, Hollywood Reporter, but Can We Lay Off the Word “Stromo?”

[Thursday], on The Hollywood Reporter’s website, there’s an article with the charming headline, “Introducing the Stromo! Why Straight Male Stars are Going Gay(ish).” My feelings about this … conflicted, they are. I completely agree with the author, Teresa Jusino, the label brings a demeaning connotation. It is about the brands and artists expanding their appeal, not lowering themselves to our… Read more →


I have made it to Florida, and I am past midterms. It hasn’t been entirely easy, but I am adapting. If it weren’t for existing friends down here who stepped up to make me feel at home, I do not know what I would have done.

I have found that living on a college campus means less distractions and yet more at the same time. It is a fundamental shift in perspective. Outside of campus I had a lot of life things on my plate, for myself and my family. Yet here, that is so remote and takes the least of my attention. Classes take my attention now yes, but I’ve found so many opportunities to do things I could not do at home.

For example, I am playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons. No really, quite a lot. I play it twice a week, and have stepped up to be organizer for the local game store by the campus. That has definitely enriched my time here, but I am still not connecting to students here.

This is something I expected. I’m a generation removed from the traditional student. I have a lot more experience dealing with life obstacles and the like. Unless it is a direct topic, finding casual friends on campus has been a tough fight. So I have all my gaming buddies and my furry friends. At times I am feeling quite lonely, yet I am constantly busy now.

However, I am getting to do want I’ve always wanted, to learn and explore life in a different direction. I am having my second chance, and that fire of determination is what keeps me moving forward.


This is part of the Zac2Florida series.

Today I am finally registered for classes at UCF. The big thing holding me back from registering was UCF Health Services requiring signed documents proving my immunizations. I am a thirty-something, I don’t have my baby records. So I had to get the vaccines again, and because of the waiting period required between each one, it has taken all summer to get this done.

…but I am finally really registered! It is really happening! I did not do this alone though. It took my advisors, professors, & fellow students to help me along the way. And of course without my parents, I don’t even know how this would even happen.

Someday, I’m going to write some creative non-fiction about my journey. I could see it as a great story. from homeless to Honors President. I only want to keep up the momentum now.

So here are some details about the moving:

  • My Mom and I start the roadtrip on Saturday, August 9th, just my clothes and personal electronics basically.
  • We check in to French Quarter on the next day. My first time at FQ!
  • We have a dinner at ‘Ohana awaiting us on Sunday night, beginning our Disney vacation together!
  • We will go to Universal too, she’s never been!
  • Then on Friday, August 15th, I move into my on-campus single apartment. It’ll be my first time living alone in over a dozen years!
  • Mom and I shop the necessary things for the apartment, then we say our goodbye on Friday. (That’s the toughest part)



I have never been ‘excited’ about monster movies like I am about superhero movies, but the trailers for this film had me excited about the human element. I was expecting a hero to root for, and the small glimpses of the monster were teasing.

Great job marketers, you got me.

The Good

  • Amazing exposition, I was very engrossed in the ‘mysterious happenings.’
  • Creature design, really great work on keeping it classic but realistic and relatable. Well done.
  • The effects, plenty of wow moments in term of effects.
  • Mary-clutch-your-pearls moments, at one time during the film I screamed, “JESUS!” as an expletive to the amusement of those around me.

The Bad

  • The hero, he was so unrelatable, half-way through the film I just didn’t care anymore. He was fairly flat, really badly written. Shame, the actor had a jawbone so chiseled it could cut rock.
  • The scare factor, they pulled some cheap tight-camera-leap-out-at-you tricks, which essentially pissed me off.
  • The pacing, the final battle took so long, I was ready to just leave. That overshadowed my entire experience of the film.

RATING: 3.5/5

While being a technological genius with a clever overall plot, the flat hero and the awful pacing really drag down the film. If effects are a big thing, go see it in a premium format. Otherwise, go see it on a second-run screen.


This post is in response to the daily prompt: Just Another Day

This week has been one of endings. I have said so many goodbyes and given so many hugs, that I do not even want to count them. I have been diligently pursuing my first college degree for two years. I have been a leader, a friend, and a student. That is all ending now. Today is the new day.

It definitely something that I am trying to take in and acclimate to. Yes, I am sad in many ways, but my future is bright and shining. In three weeks I board a plane to Orlando to go to my orientation for University of Central Florida and begin my new life. It’s terribly exciting, and a bit scary. However there’s hope in that and that is what keeps me going right now.

It is time to slough away all the old traditions. My mornings would consist of getting up early & grabbing a bagel before class. I would walk into the Honors lounge and see the same students every morning. We would chat, especially when we had homework to avoid. I will miss that. I will miss feeding my addiction to Diet Coke by frequently visiting the cafe, to end up chitchatting with the lunchladies. The tradition of hanging out after classes at the Honors lounge is ending too. So many endings.

Time for new traditions though. One of my goals is to update this personal blog daily and to re-focus on a topic for another blog. I hope to keep my creativity high as I delve into my senior college. I will be studying Political Science and I am excited to see how that develops.


Today I feel like Project Zac2Florida really begins!

I started booking my trip to Orlando for my transfer orientation for University of Central Florida! At first, I was going to just attend in August before classes start. Who are we kidding, I wanted another excuse to visit Florida again. I realized that the May 30th orientation date was amazingly close to Gay Day, June 7th, so that put the nail in the coffin for me!

To anyone who has not attended the day of the red shirt, it is something to experience. The entire atmosphere of the park is transformed. It’s that conspiratorial connection to everyone around you. It is even a special day for the cast members, because they have a day that is much lighter on children and heavier in camp and sassiness. I always loved it from both sides, as a guest and as a cast member. So, hopefully, I will see you there!

Countdown to UCF Orientation & Gay Days:

The countdown has already ended!

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This is a musing on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is spoiler-heavy from Captain America: the Winter Soldier and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Proceed with caution. Read more


or, Appreciating Kermit.