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Gay Days 2015

We had a magical time on the first Saturday of June. From 9a to midnight, we ate, drank, and walked around Magic Kingdom and Star Wars Weekends. Here are some highlights of the day.

Apple Watch, my one week review

I spent several months musing over purchasing an Apple Watch. I read reviews by journalists from a broad range of views on Apple. I lurked the Apple Watch subreddit. Even though I am a surefire fanboy for Apple, I needed to allay my concerns about this device before purchasing it. I found the consensus to be that the device is… Read more →

Appealing to Gay Audiences Is Great, Hollywood Reporter, but Can We Lay Off the Word “Stromo?”

[Thursday], on The Hollywood Reporter’s website, there’s an article with the charming headline, “Introducing the Stromo! Why Straight Male Stars are Going Gay(ish).” My feelings about this … conflicted, they are. I completely agree with the author, Teresa Jusino, the label brings a demeaning connotation. It is about the brands and artists expanding their appeal, not lowering themselves to our… Read more →

Why Guild Wars 2’s prepurchase deal has the internet raging

On the surface, ArenaNet killed it at E3, kicking ass with a much-wanted and huge expansion for Guild Wars 2, one of the biggest MMORPGs in the market. The studio unveiled a massive new guild hall system, one players have been begging for, one that will satisfy everyone from teeny tiny guilds to classic Guild Wars fans. Those devs were riding high. They built it… Read more →


Jeremy Renner is photographed for the first time on the set of Captain America: Civil War hiding his Hawkeye costume under a cloak on Tuesday (May 19) in Atlanta,…

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