End of the Year: bringing fitness into my life.

The end of the year is coming! I will be spending time with my family and maybe I will see snow. (Eek!) And I begin to reflect over the year. This semester, I have learned that setting goals and achieving them has given me so much satisfaction and the sense of accomplishment. This worked for school and private life. My term papers were the least stressful I have ever written, yet the most complex. This semester I got World Completion on Guild Wars 2. I plotted out the plan for both and followed through.

Now I want to tackle a big hurdle: fitness. I have all the tools, with the Apple Watch and Apple’s HealthKit. I am tired of being tired. My goal is to have more energy. Right now the goal is to eliminate my major vice of caffeine-addiction. Next, tracking my food intake and making the changes. Third, getting into a fitness program.

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