With The Muppet Show gearing up to make its television re-debut, it has us reliving some of our favorite childhood moments. While we were too young to catch the classic series in its heyday, we have managed to catch it in syndication. And the new movies/YouTube videos fill our hearts with glee.We love the Muppets, but some of our favorite moments aren’t the cameos, the explosions, or the self-aware humor, it’s the playful banter and the witty heckles from our two favorite critics, Statler and Waldorf. Residing in their balcony seats; looking down on the Muppets performance is what they do best.While we wait for their expected return to the small screen here are some of our favorite Statler and Waldorf moments! Due to longevity the post is best viewed on a desktop/laptop computer.

Source: Best of Statler & Waldorf — G28 Creatives

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