Day 8: LOL, Grindr

You find truths in the strangest places. I am on the subreddit r/lolgrindr for some schadenfreude fun and come across three posts from the same person, TheSouthernBelle and his encounters in revealing his naughty bits.


So much for slave >.>

Pump and dump

The real story is in the comments, TheSouthernBelle reveals he is very shy and conscious about his body, although he has a very large gift below the belt apparently. Every comments he will get a lot of private messages because of these posts, but I think this is a great commentary on the shallowness of the gay community. Someone can feel so isolated because of his body and yet so celebrated for a specific body part. I totally relate to this dude. I feel I need to use certain aspects of my body to earn respect in the community and I don’t know how I feel about that.

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