Day 4: Colorful

Tonight, I want to drink cheap beer and be colorful.

I texted this to a friend in an idle conversation yesterday. It was just that sort of day, a day of idleness. Since I am still on winter break, my life is frankly quite torpid in comparison to how busy I keep myself during the semester.

My friend at the other end of the conversation, Husbear, I had known for about four years. He was the kind of friend you talk to off and on, yet you always pick up where you left off. We really didn’t hang out much because I had been living in the midwest. Now that I was in Orlando again for school, we just really hadn’t connected as much as I had hoped.

When he texted me later saying let’s do it, let’s go out and be colorful, I was pleasantly surprised. After a day of gray, things just began clicking into place, becoming a colorful night.

Husbear (left) & I hanging at a local bar... that sells underwear

Husbear (left) & I hanging at a local bar… that sells underwear

We walked into the bar. Two very tall, handsome husky men. An we immediately clicked as wingmen. We sat at the bar, talking, drinking, meeting other folks playing guilty pleasures on the jukebox. It was a good night. It felt like I was cutting loose and just living. No books, no deadlines, just a night out.

Friends are awesome.

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