Day 2: Polarity

Destroy the idea that in gay couples one has to be masculine and one has to be feminine to imitate heterosexuality

I am doing my morning scroll through Tumblr and this appears. Yas, bitch, yas. It is 2015, yet I still encounter a cultural need to define roles in all types of relationships, whether they be hetero, homo, or other. I understand the need for a point of reference, but when someone asks, “So who is the husband and who is the wife?” I think my head will explode.

A life partner is your life partner. Sounds tautological, I know. My point is that you pick that person to navigate your life with. The default intent and purpose of ‘settling down’ is not to become the masculine wage-earner or the feminine hearth-keeper.

This also ties into the Top/bottom dynamic in gay male couples. It is an easy trap to assume the Top is masculine and the bottom is feminine. I am a total top and a Dominant, and I get incredulity from some people because I’m not afraid to be flamboyant. That’s a story for another time, but one of my closest relationships is with someone 90% top. Just being together is electric and we make it work.

TL;DR: Fuck gender norms.

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