So I totally watched Muppet Family Christmas today on my old VHS tape, because I will be honest. I am one of these kind of people that is all like this:

I don’t waste anytime turning on the Christmas playlists, and filling my home with the scents of cinnamon and evergreen. And like every November 1st, you realize there are three kinds of people populating your social media:

  • The Christmas is so commercialized people.
  • The I-want-all-the-ABC-Family-&-Hallmark-marathons people.
  • And the whatevers.

Camp One is always so vocal any time before Thanksgiving. I just don’t bother anymore. For myself, I am more camp two, in fact, my Mother is chief camp counsellor of Camp Two. The remote starts gathering dust on November 1st, because there’s never any channel-changing. The remainder in Camp Three, I sympathize with, because life moves on.

Muppet Family Christmas

I have had the VHS of this for a long time, but I never really appreciated it until my ex-roommate and best friend, Buddy, revealed his whole ritual. He had a worn out old VHS recording of live TV, full of old commercials and such. He had the commercials memorized and would always act out along with the show. “Watch out for the icy patch.” So the video is wrapped a double layer of nostalgia for my childhood and my life as a young adult first-time living in Florida.
More than anything though, the message that all disparate branches of family and friends can gather together and enjoy the holidays together, that is what compels me to watch this today. And I love the tongue-in-cheek references to the ins and outs of the daily routine of a Muppet, Sesame Street character, or a Fraggle Rock character.

Which camp are you in about the Holidays? Comment below!

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