This is part of the Zac2Florida series.

Today I am finally registered for classes at UCF. The big thing holding me back from registering was UCF Health Services requiring signed documents proving my immunizations. I am a thirty-something, I don’t have my baby records. So I had to get the vaccines again, and because of the waiting period required between each one, it has taken all summer to get this done.

…but I am finally really registered! It is really happening! I did not do this alone though. It took my advisors, professors, & fellow students to help me along the way. And of course without my parents, I don’t even know how this would even happen.

Someday, I’m going to write some creative non-fiction about my journey. I could see it as a great story. from homeless to Honors President. I only want to keep up the momentum now.

So here are some details about the moving:

  • My Mom and I start the roadtrip on Saturday, August 9th, just my clothes and personal electronics basically.
  • We check in to French Quarter on the next day. My first time at FQ!
  • We have a dinner at ‘Ohana awaiting us on Sunday night, beginning our Disney vacation together!
  • We will go to Universal too, she’s never been!
  • Then on Friday, August 15th, I move into my on-campus single apartment. It’ll be my first time living alone in over a dozen years!
  • Mom and I shop the necessary things for the apartment, then we say our goodbye on Friday. (That’s the toughest part)


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