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Zacronym: (noun) A pun, or play on words, using the name Zac as substitution or a portmanteau.

I love puns. I just do. Some say it is the lowest form of humor, while others disagree and say it takes real wit to create a this bit of humor. I am one of the latter, for every time I execute a pun I get a thrill of finding a new way to look at language. This fascination with the juxtaposition of words really started with my puberty. It was that time of my life when it was all about the hormones. I discovered the illicitness of a double entendre and the thrill in pointing out to everyone all the wickedness in everyday speech. It was a juvenile and base form of humor, but it was the foundation of my love of words. However at that age, I could not see past the banality of it, and reveled in it. I was quite inappropriate in my choice of words about my friends. In college, when I de-shackled from home, I easily managed to push people away because of my raucous humor.

Now that I am past my formative youth, the double entendre has not disappeared, but it certainly is not the cornerstone of my personality. I have learned moderation and diversity in words. And I am now channeling my efforts towards writing now. I sincerely hope my skill for clever words had translated well. Who knows what the future will bring?

Some Zacronym Facts

Favorite Songs:

  • If I Could Turn Zac Time – Cher
  • SexyZac – Justin Timberlake
  • It’s All Coming Zac to Me Now – Celine Dion
  • All You Need is Zac – The Beatles

Favorite Foods:

  • Zacaroni & Cheese
  • Zacaroons

When I’m having an officially bad day:

  • It’s a Zac-tastrophe!

When I’m agreeing:

  • eZactly!

When someone get tired of the Zacronyms:

  • eZacsperated

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