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This week has been one of endings. I have said so many goodbyes and given so many hugs, that I do not even want to count them. I have been diligently pursuing my first college degree for two years. I have been a leader, a friend, and a student. That is all ending now. Today is the new day.

It definitely something that I am trying to take in and acclimate to. Yes, I am sad in many ways, but my future is bright and shining. In three weeks I board a plane to Orlando to go to my orientation for University of Central Florida and begin my new life. It’s terribly exciting, and a bit scary. However there’s hope in that and that is what keeps me going right now.

It is time to slough away all the old traditions. My mornings would consist of getting up early & grabbing a bagel before class. I would walk into the Honors lounge and see the same students every morning. We would chat, especially when we had homework to avoid. I will miss that. I will miss feeding my addiction to Diet Coke by frequently visiting the cafe, to end up chitchatting with the lunchladies. The tradition of hanging out after classes at the Honors lounge is ending too. So many endings.

Time for new traditions though. One of my goals is to update this personal blog daily and to re-focus on a topic for another blog. I hope to keep my creativity high as I delve into my senior college. I will be studying Political Science and I am excited to see how that develops.

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  1. May 9, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    To new beginnings 🙂

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