A Game of Thrones Lexicon

The Title Sequence – A Deeper Look

As episodes go by, and new information is released, not only do the names on the title sequence, but also the places on the map change. Throughout the seasons, as new places are introduced in the show, they are also introduced on the title sequence. Some places like Winterfell, Kings Landing etc are shown constantly through all episodes since they are referenced in all episodes. But places like Pentos, the Twins etc are shown only once or when needed since they do not appear in other episodes.

  • Kings Landing (Introduced 1×01)
  • Winterfell (Introduced 1×01)
  • The Wall (Introduced 1×01)
  • Pentos (Introduced 1×01)
  • Vaes Dothrak (Introduced 1×02)
  • The Eyrie (Introduced 1×05)
  • The Twins (Introduced 1×09)
  • Dragonstone (Introduced 2×01)
  • Pyke (Introduced 2×02)
  • Harrenhal (Introduced 2×04)
  • Qarth (Introduced 2×04)

The opening for this show makes this cartographer Squeee!

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