This has been a crazy day. It’s so strange to be here, but so familiar, that it is totally rocking my world right now. My mother is over the moon that I’m home, I think she has been lonely. My stepfather’s health is declining, and is pretty much in a fog through life.

I didn’t really understand it, until today. She’s been singing at a local bar with a guitarist named Mark, on a fairly regular basis. I’m very proud of her, and when she took me to see the place, I was impressed when almost everyone said hello when we walked in.

She got the news from Mark today that she can’t sing anymore, because she’s not paid talent and the owner doesn’t want an open microphone. She was very sad about it, but Mark said he’d love for her to pair with him for other gigs.

So time to get winter clothing, because obviously I’m shorted on that. After checkout, she does that check for you phone thing, and can’t find it. We spend 15 minutes checking bags and the cart, she checks her pockets, so we go inside to talk to the customer service desk agent, when she stops and opens her jacket, the phone is strapped to her belt. She is so scattered-brained, and knows it, that it is a funny, tender moment. Her ironic expression of chagrin just busted me into laughter. And then… she couldn’t find her reading glasses, so we continued to the desk. The clerk didn’t see them. I asked mom to check her pockets, and lo and behold, they were there. Then a glove was missing…

It was on the floor by the desk, finally something legit… Too funny.

So, I’m getting settled in. Life is funny, but you deal.

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