LJ Writer’s Block: What are the three best books you have ever read and what are the three worst? What made them so good or bad?


  • Wheel of Time I remember getting this book on Christmas Day, unwrapping it, and appreciating that my stepfather bought it for me as one of the first presented he ever got me. I distinctly recall being perplexed but the book jacket, the description didn’t sound that thrilling. It started very slpw;y about kids in a rural town, and then it started getting complicated. Before i knew it I was captivated. I think the WoT series is the first time I really related to the protagonist’s in a major way, I think because of the depth of the story. Eleven books later I’m still captivated by it.
  • Chronicles of Narnia This opened my minds eyes to magic and mystery and has shaped me in some ways. Children that were thrust into a land of magic and mayhem… It all swept me away. Similar books about english children getting into magical mayhem fascinated me too. Like Half-Magic.
  • Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs Until I read this book, I never questioned the tenets of Christianity. Like the fictional books I mentioned, this open a window in my mind to explore possibilities. Some of the New Age things Linda talked about were a little too much off the deep end, but it opened me to thinking about my spirituality on my own terms.


  • Lord of the Rings I’m sorry, but these books are a pain to read, because of the pacing. I read the Hobbit just fine, but never finished the trilogy. I think at the core it was the frustration of Tolkien’s lack of explanation of backstory.
  • Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy The protagonist kept being treating horribly and then the end sucked for him too. I was pissed I read all that for that ending… bah.
  • Animal Farm Being forced to read an allegory about communism in school just sucks. Enough said.

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