my life is outside the box

non-traditional student living on-campus at the largest public university in the US, studying int'l poli sci & journalism. I love fandoms & am a gaymer, a nerd.

It feels like Christmas

So I totally watched Muppet Family Christmas today on my old VHS tape, because I will be honest. I am one of these kind of people where midnight of Halloween, my pumpkin turns into a Christmas tree. Read more →

Any Otter Day

Posting some cuteness because I need it today. Today was the kind of day where there is something you want to do, but just can’t. Everything just got in the way.

Today is my first day of trying to write for NaBloPoMo. I want to find my focus. The problem is having too many interests. The informational overload of the here and now is staggering. There is so much to see and inspiration to create thanks to the internet, where can I even begin? I will definitely try though. I will try.



Me when I’m shopping.